Christmas Opening

We will be taking a break over the Christmas period. We will be closed from 4.30pm on Saturday 23rd December until 10am on Thursday 4th January. Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas.

Close Notice

Menu: Hot Drinks Scones & Cakes

Scones & Cakes - Served All Day

A Tempting Selection of Cakes baked by our team of chefs.
There is a vegan cake on the counter as well as one with no gluten & no dairy.

Freshly Baked Fruit/Cheese Scone
with Butter 3.30
with Butter & Earsham Street Café Jam 3.70
with Butter, Earsham Street Café Jam & Clotted Cream 4.40

Earsham Street Cream Tea- A pot of tea or cup of coffee along with a Freshly Baked Fruit Scone, butter, Earsham Street Café Jam and Clotted Cream 6.90

Savoury Tea- A pot of tea or cup of coffee along with a Freshly Baked Cheese Scone, butter, Earsham Street Café Chutney and cheddar cheese 6.90

Hot Drinks

Coffee (Rainforest Alliance, Fair trade & Organic)
Regular Coffee 2.95
Cappuccino 3.30
Latte 3.30
Flat White 3.60
Espresso Single/ Double 2.75/3.30

Extra shot of coffee 60p
Add a flavoured syrup - choose from Vanilla, Hazelnut and Bitter Orange 75p

Hot Chocolate £3.75 with whipped cream 4.35
Hot Chocolate with Brandy £5.45 Orange Hot Chocolate 4.50

Mocha 4.10

Traditional - Pot for 1/Pot for 2 2.95/5.25
Earl Grey - Pot for 1/Pot for 2 3.05/5.35

Novus Tea A line of high quality, whole-leaf teas, inspired by the centuries old tradition of afternoon tea 3.30
Choose from Egyptian Mint, Citrus Chamomile, Wild Encounter (Fruit) or Green

Oat Milk & Soya Milk (sustainably sourced soya) and decaffeinated tea & coffee are available