Menu: Cold Drinks Wine & Beers

Cold Drinks

  Breckland Orchard Posh Pops 3.50, choose from:

  Ginger Beer with Chilli

  Cloudy Lemonade

   Strawberry & Rhubarb

  Elderflower & Pear

   Orange Juice 3.50

Apple Juice 3.50

Sparkling Water 330ml/750ml 2.65/4.95
Still water 330ml 2.65
Coca Cola / Diet Coca Cola 2.30
A Glass of Suffolk Milk 2.20

    House:  Merlot, Terres Cortal, France 12.5% - Harvesting in the early morning preserves the freshness of the grapes while part maturation in oak barrels adds complexity. Spicy notes of eucalyptus and red fruit aromas on the nose carry through onto the palate with soft rich fruits and mellow tannins.
    175ml Glass/Bottle  6.95/24.95  Vegan
    Tempranillo, Maximo Tinto, Spain 14% - Smooth and juicy, A nose of red cherry and plum fruit and notes of chocolate and spice, on the palate the wine is lively with vibrant red berry fruit and soft tannins - Bottle  24.95  Vegan
    Granges des Rocs Grenache/Syrah, France 12.5% - Shiraz with fresh ripe flavours of cherries, redcurrant and plum. This lovely red has a long smooth finish. Pairs beautifully with meats or cheeses, very pleasant on its own - Bottle 24.95 Vegan
    House: Vignes Doc Savignon Blanc, France 12% - Pale yellow with green tints. This wine expresses fresh and complex notes of broom, gun flint and citrus fruits. Crisp and elegant sauvignon. 175ml Glass/Bottle 6.95/24.95   Vegan

Terres Cortal Chardonnay, France 12% -Harvested early morning to keep the freshness of the grapes this aromatic wine has notes of quince, honey and spices with fresh citrus. Light, bright and lovely enough to drink on its own it has enough weight to pair well with food. - Bottle  24.95 Vegan

    Viura, Tierra de Castilla, Bodegas Maximo, Spain 12.5% A pale lemon colour, rioja type wine, floral and citrus nose with hints of hay & green apples. Rounded and mellow taste balanced with freshness and a little spice. Bottle 24.95

          ‘R’ Rosato, Alpha Zeta, Veneto, Italy 13% - Rich pink with strawberry and cherry aromas. The nice dry feel is balanced by vibrant red fruit and damson flavours. Gentle tannins give a smooth lingering finish 175ml Glass/Bottle  6.95/24.95  Vegan

Dessert Wine
Available on its own or to accompany your dessert - 120ml glass 6.50

Sparkling Wines
    - Ca Di Alte Prosecco, Italy 11.5% -  a lovely bright straw-yellow colour and an abundance of long-lasting fine bubbles - 200ml Bottle/750ml Bottle 8.50/29.25

Gin & Tonic
    Adnams Copperhouse Gin & Fever Tree Tonic Single/Double 6.50/9.00

Beers & Cider
    Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5% - Citrus Pale Ale - 500ml 5.95
    Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% - Low Alcohol Citrus Pale Ale - 500ml 5.95
    Adnams Kobold English Lager 4.70%  - 440ml 5.90  Vegan
    Adnams Wild Wave Blush Cider 4.0% -  330ml 5.50  Vegan