Upcoming Event: Souper Sunday

Souper Sunday
Sunday 21st January Noon-3pm

A Charity Soup Day. We will be serving our usual menu along with a selection of soups - Profit from each bowl served will be donated to our Charity; Toilet Twinning - a simple way to help some of the billions of people in desperate poverty have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy.

Soup Menu

Sue’s Tomato
Leek & Jerusalem Artichoke

Chickpea & Garlic
Celeriac, Potato & Apple

Accompanied by:
Either white or granary bread & butter £4.95
A cheese scone £6.25
Half a sandwich, salad leaves & crisps
(please see our regular menu for sandwich flavours) £7.10

Soups can be served gluten free and/or dairy free